Touchy Subject…When Can Exercise Become Obsessive

Touchy Subject…When Can Exercise Become Obsessive I’m embarking on dangerous waters here…some readers may disagree with what I’m about to say.  However, my views on this subject are my true beliefs.  They come from personal and professional experience.  I am speaking from my heart and my brain here, so you can’t be mad at me for that right?  Remember, we need to agree to disagree.  So, when IS exercise too much?  When does it become obsessive?  When does it become a problem?  When does it lie on the fine line of exercise bulimia? 

Ice Cream…. Need I Say More??

Ice Cream… Need I Say More?? So, I am an ice cream junkie.  I love ice cream.  I dream about ice cream and someday I would like to train to be a competitive eater so I can enter the Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream eating contest.  Serioulsy….did anyone see Joey Chestnut and that other guy…