Break Through Challenge ® (BTC) is a 6-week program run through Make It Fit, LLC.  Participants meet once per week for 75 minutes in a small group setting (maximum of 8 participants). This program is a 6-week process of discovering your vision to break through change to become your best you and to find what truly makes you happy. This is NOT an exercise program so leave the sneakers and workout gear at home. This one is for the SOUL!

Each week, your BTC coach will address the following:

  • Wellness Component: (emotional, spiritual, financial, vocational, social, intellectual and environmental)
  • Work on a SMART goal: (the why and the how to reach your dreams)
  • Health Education:  (stress, food, movement, sleep, preventative care)
  • Track for Habit:  (work on breaking some old habits and starting some new)
  • Break Through Challenge ®:  (between meetings participants focus on a challenge to help them break through change. Examples are facing fears, random acts of kindness, tools to reduce stress)

Program Investment:

  • $199 for 6-week group coaching program
  • $499 for 6-week one-on-one coaching program

“Breakthrough Challenge was so much more than I thought and exceeded my expectations!  Melissa did a great job guiding us through all facets of the program.  I came away with a renewed, refreshed outlook on my life.  I’d recommend this program to EVERYONE!”

– KP

“I’m not sure I can find the words to show how grateful I am for the past 6-weeks of Break Through Challenge. I joined the class because I felt “stuck” and honestly i was angry all the time. Over the course if the six weeks, I made 6 new friends, found myself, and lost my anger and resentment that was holding me back. I look at things differently now, I approach situations calmly, and I sleep so much better.  I know it sounds crazy but even my husband said tonight “what ever that class cost it was worth it”. He says my moods don’t flip at the drop of a hat, and co-workers have noticed too.   I believe that you can’t change people,  they have to want something different, but I came to you looking for “something”.  I didn’t really know what it was. and I gained friendship, confidence, peace, and self awareness.  Thank you so much!”

– Kim