Take The Bull By The Horns!!

TAKE THE BULL BY IT’S HORNS! So, here is something about me that some of you know and some of you don’t.  I have no time in my life for people who have “poor me” syndrome, play the “violin”, or walk around with a storm cloud over them complaining constantly.  It’s not a quality that I am proud of.  Who am I to judge what a true “problem” is? 

It’s Time to Fire Up the Grill!

It’s Time to Fire Up the Grill! Finally….it’s nice enough to get that grill going!  This is the easiest time of year to eat healthy.  I know we are all strapped for time.  Baseball is in full effect and many evenings, many families end up at the drive thru because they are running around.  I have a solution for you….but it will take some work.