Melissa Grattan

Melissa Grattan’s One-On-One Wellness Coaching Services

Turning health and wellness visions into reality, one goal at a time
Specializing in women who are at a health/wellness crossroad in their life ready for the next chapter
*Endorsed by the American College of Sports Medicine


  • VISION: We will work together to define and discover what you really want in terms of your health and wellness and craft a long-term dream/vision.
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  • 3-MONTH GOALS: I will help you to explore your strengths and values and we will use those to propel you forward getting you closer to your vision by setting 3-month behavioral goals around your health and wellness.
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WEEKLY GOALS: We will set and review weekly behavioral goals around your health and wellness that relate directly to your 3-month goals and move you closer to your vision.

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  • 9 Sessions total ranging from 45-90 minutes/session
  • 4 sessions first month
  • 3 sessions second month
  • 2 sessions third month
  • Access to private, confidential Wellcoaches® portal with a variety of coaching tools to support you on your journey
  • Regular email “check-ins” with me between sessions


  • $999 for 3-Month Program
  • Monthly installment plan available

By the end of our 3-month journey, you will have a better understanding of what is important to you, your strengths and how to use your strengths to get closer to your long-term vision, ultimately leading you to optimal wellness and authentic happiness. My job as your Wellcoach® is to provide support, accountability, and structure through your journey to help you reach your long term health and wellness vision at your own pace one goal at a time.